Woodpecker Class

Welcome to Woodpecker Class! Our class is a mix of Year 1 and Year 2 children. Our class teachers are Miss Adler and Mrs Hart and we have Mrs Watson as our teaching assistant. We are lucky to have so many exciting adults in our class each week. Woodpeckers' is an amazing class; where we begin our Learning Journeys and discover new things.

The Magical Christmas Journey
Work of the Week

Phoebe and Alishia for writing fantastic descriptive sentences in English.

Star of the Week
Star of the week is Alf for showing a lot of our Christian values this week perseverance, truthfulness and friendship.
Real Heroes and Superhero Homework
Woodpeckers were allowed to choose whether they painted, sketched, designed a leaflet, made  cake/biscuits, a face mask, poem, designed a power point and much more.
Please have a look at their fantastic homework which they have all worked really hard on.
Well done all of you!!
In English we have been looking at adjectives. The children were each given a lemon and they had to use their senses to describe it. Some of the children loved them while others made some very funny faces when tasting them!!
Traction Man came to visit Woodpeckers and we all passed our Super Hero Training
Forest School
This term we have incorporated our Super hero theme into forest school. We were visited by Traction Man (fictional super hero) who put our super heroes through their paces with different types of training. The children had to make dens to protect them from the Evil Hairdryer. They also had to practice balance skills, jumping, climbing, hanging, speed, spying and target throwing. The children all passed their training and received certificates, note pads and bands from Traction Man.
In our Topic work this term we are looking at real heroes and super heroes. The children created their own life size super heroes.
Take a look at the pictures below they are fantastic!!
Investigation 1
In science we looked at different materials. The children have been collecting and sorting different objects into their right groups.
Investigation 2
Our next experiment was to see if certain objects were waterproof. The children tried out news paper, tin foil, cellophane, tissue paper and fabric.


Woodpecker Class enjoy their Maths work so much as they get to do lots of hands on activities; in order to help their learning.