Big Cookathon

25th April 2016
Big Cookathon 2016
All of the school took part in making a traditional Cottage Pie as part of the Big Cookathon.
Reception mashed the potatoes
Woodpeckers cooked the base ingredients
Kingfishers peeled and chopped all of carrots and onions.
Ravens peeled and chopped all of the potatoes
Considering the amount of pies we needed to make the children worked extremely hard with large quantities of ingredients.
Local celebrity chef Lesley Waters very kindly came in to inspire the children whilst they were cooking and donated a signed cookery book to the school.
Everyone has had a fun day and a special thanks to Sadie Watson who has organised and coordinated this event.  Ruby J, Samuel, Arabella and Olly B from our cookery club were Mrs Watsons very efficient kitchen assistants!!
We hope everyone enjoys their cottage pie and we have provided the recipe below in case you wish to make it at home.
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