E-mail regarding return to school with key Reception information

1st September 2020

Dear Parents / Carers,

We have been carefully planning for our whole school return in September, following guidance to ensure that our children, staff and school community are kept as safe as possible.

We are very aware that, on our return, many of our children will not have been in school for 6 months; this is undoubtedly going to have an impact on how they feel when they come back to school.  The main priority for us is, as always, their emotional wellbeing.

After careful consideration, we have decided that, for the first half term - all children will be returning to the classes that they were in this academic year.  Thus, enabling them to re-establish routines with the environment and staff that they are familiar with.

We are also very conscious that our new Reception children have not had the usual transition days with us, to allow them to become familiar with their new school and class.

Therefore, for our new Reception pupils, we have planned the following:

Thursday 10th September and Friday 11th September – 1.15 to 2.45pm.  Stay and play sessions, in the outdoor Reception area – Parents to stay with children.

Monday 14th September to Wednesday 30th September - 1pm to 3pm.  Reception children will attend afternoons only.  They will be ‘in a bubble’ with the Year 1 children and staff.

Thursday 1st October to Friday 23rd October, Reception children full time - 8.40 to 3pm.  They will continue to be with the Year 1 bubble for this time.

After half term, Monday 2nd November, Reception children will be in their own Reception class, as the year 1 children will move to their Year 1/2 class.

As indicated in our previous letter, this year we are not offering full time places for our new Reception children from the start of term.  I hope that you understand the reasons behind this decision. 

We understand that for some of you this may cause you childcare issues and you may wish to contact your child’s previous nursery setting regarding this.  We have also been speaking to Little Acorns (based in Evershot village hall) and they have very kindly agreed to offer places in the mornings, and will bring your child to school for the afternoon sessions. 

I will be in contact with you before the end of term, with more details about the arrangements for September, but in the meantime, please contact me if you have any questions.


Kind regards,

Kathy McCann