Football and X-Country competitions

20th January 2019
Kenway Cup
On Thursday 10th January our Kenway cup football team finally played in their tournament. We played 4 games and even though we didn't score any goals or win any games the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves with some of them representing the school for the first time. Massive congratulations goes to Magnus, Arabella, Samuel, Ashton, Teilo, Max, Georgia, Ben and Joe for never giving up, working and supporting each other as a team and having fun.
Thank you to Teilo and Samuels parents for transporting and coming to support.
Colfox X-Country
On Tuesday 15th January 8 children represented the school in the highly competitive X-Country fixture at the Colfox.
84 girls ran altogether and our girls team were amazing:
Rosie 22nd
Ellie 47th
Georgia 56th
Lilly 72nd
105 boys ran in the boys section with Stickland's yet again running brilliantly:
Elliott 29th
Freddie 57th
Jamie 67th
Felix 73rd
A fantastic afternoon, even though a little wet, but the children thoroughly enjoyed it....... I hope!!
Thank you to Mrs Kingston who transported and stayed to support.