Our School Governors

Full Governing Body

  • Mrs Kathy McCann


    I have taught in Dorset schools since 1996, and have 3 daughters aged between 13 and 18. I am passionate about ensuring that our young people are given all available opportunities whilst at school. This is important both academically, but also to enable them to become confident, caring and happy individuals, who know their own strengths.
    As Headteacher, I am on the Full Governing Body to be held to account for the standards the children achieve and how we use money for best value. I report fully each meeting to the rest of the Governors on how the term is progressing and how the school is performing.

Parent Governors
  • Miss Jodie Carter

    Parent Governor

    I am a mum of two boys, Thomas and Freddie, my youngest son joined Stickland’s School in September hence why I have decided to become a parent governor. My reason behind joining was to have more of an understanding of how the school is run and the background work that goes into the day to day duties. Growing up in the hamlet of Wraxall, I wanted my children to also enjoy the countryside life as I did, hence our move to Evershot nearly 5 years ago. I work in several surrounding villages including Evershot itself, Corscombe, Halstock and Melbury Osmund as a parish clerk. My children are typical boys, mud is one of the best things ever didn’t you know!

  • Miss Louisa Spearing

    Parent Governor

    I have two children, both currently at Stickland's. I have lived within a stones throw of the school now for 6 years, growing up only 2 miles away within Melbury Estate. I joined as a parent governor, to enable myself to understand more about the school behind the scenes and be able to have more of an input on where my children will both be attending. It is a very interesting and rewarding role. I currently am in the school around once a week helping in the classroom. I have previously worked within the healthcare sector, both privately and under the NHS and have just decided to take the leap into becoming a special needs teaching assistant. As a family we are very active and love to be outside with our ever expanding menagerie of animals!! I hope to be able to continue supporting our brilliant school for many years to come.

  • Vacancy

    Parent Governor

Foundation Governors
  • Mr Richard Campbell

    Foundation Governor

    Richard Campbell MA, OBE
    After Cambridge where I gained my MA in Natural Sciences, I worked for Shell before going to the USA to be trained as a management consultant. I then worked helping many companies re-organise their systems in UK, Germany, Ireland and South Africa. Returning to UK in 1972, my wife and I made a radical change and started farming in West Dorset, a mixed farm with pigs, sheep and beef cattle. I became a magistrate in 1983 and served as Bench Chairman for 7 years. I also represented Farmers with the NFU and became a Commissioner of MLC. Now “retired” and living in Evershot I became a governor to help the contact between the Church and School, then soon became interested in the wider concerns of improving and retaining primary education in rural villages. I was Chair of Stickland's governing body until I stepped down in October 2020 and I have remained in my post of foundation governor at the school.

  • Mrs Jacqueline Comyn

    Foundation Governor

    Jacqueline Comyn, a relative ‘new comer’ to West Dorset, has lived most of her life abroad. Whilst moving around as a ‘trailing spouse’ she was always involved in education. She worked as a teaching assistant in reception whilst in Kuwait; taught humanities and science (SATs level 2) in Addis Ababa and taught English as a foreign language in Istanbul. CELTA trained, she loves how education can be so transformative if it’s done well, and her current passion is ‘Bushbells’ – a little organisation that sells bright colourful kikoy cottons to raise money to build classrooms and buy books in rural Watamu, Kenya. Being a governor gives her the opportunity to continue to be involved with education at a local level and she’s very keen on village schools in the community.

  • Rev Daniel Ingles

    Born in Dorset, I have lived and worked in different places including Australia.
    I maintain an interest in art and making following my BA(hons) in Applied arts, which led me to work in practical metalwork, production and fabrication. I have enjoyed a varied career including working as a member of the RNLI, running a bar, raising cattle and being self employed.
    Concerned about social justice I have worked within charities and organisations for homeless people including specific services for young people, Ex-Offenders, and those suffering due to substance misuse or mental health issues, before entering the Church.
    I trained for Ordination at Cambridge and served my curacy in the Beaminster team, before joining the Melbury team as Team Vicar in 2017.
    Christianity is in part the pursuit of the truth, then allowing it to help us live well, and education is a natural companion on this journey.
    I am pleased to represent the Church of England, and serve God and our community as a Governor, and enjoy working with the children alongside the staff.
    As a parent myself, being part of the Governing body matters as I believe education is a vital foundation for people to fulfil their potential and to enjoy the world in which we live.

  • Mrs Gay Lewis

    Foundation Governor

    After a thirty year career in the Law in London, I recently retired to my childhood home at Higher
    Wraxall and my husband has finally joined me here. We were both working in London when we
    married and this is where we raised our three daughters. They preferred Dorset, so we spent most
    of the school holidays here and now our eight grandchildren choose to stay with us for long chunks
    of their school holidays. My experiences as a Family Lawyer and Mediator have given me an insight
    into the many different factors that impact upon a child’s welfare. The important role played by
    schools at both an academic and pastoral level cannot be overstated. Having benefitted so greatly
    from all that Wraxall and the surrounding communities have to offer, I welcome this opportunity to
    serve on the Stickland’s Board of Governors.

  • Mrs Suzie Mutch

    Chair of the Governing Body (Foundation Governor)


    Returning to Dorset after 10 years living in France, I live in West Chelborough and am married with a son at school in the county. Retaining my links with France, I continue to run my business on the continent, dealing with administrative aspects of maritime aviation in the super yacht sector. After experience of 10 years schooling in the French education system, I was disillusioned with the French system where engagement between staff and parents is non-existent and effectively discouraged, being the business of the State and not a partnership with parents and families. Through participation on the Board of Governors I hope to engage with our community to enrich the sense of collaboration that is vital to best serve our children's’ needs.

  • Mrs Katharine Singleton-Smith

    Foundation Governor

    I have been a Foundation Governor at Stickland’s for a good number of years, joining the Governing Body shortly after moving to Corscombe. My involvement at Stickland’s is a great pleasure and an ongoing education. Primary school years could not be more fundamental to children academically and socially and Stickland’s has always been dedicated to bringing out the best in all the children who have been at the school.
    Brought up on a farm, my family moved here from Hampshire 30 years ago when my father retired from farming. I have known West Dorset for much longer having been at school in the county and making many visits to the area since childhood.
    Graduating in Spanish and French, my languages landed me a job with a US software house and it is this exciting IT arena that I have spent most of my working life in in international operations and contract management. A few years ago I had a total change of working life joining, and running, a tea business with a shop in London but with offices and warehouse in Halstock. I am married to a journalist who is still based in France.
    I am proud to be a Governor at Stickland’s working with a strong and friendly team of governors and staff to provide the best education for all the children. My level of involvement has varied as I have been Chair and Vice Chair of Governors in the past. It is a privilege to be a governor though I always wish I had more time to dedicate to this rewarding role and supporting the school and staff.

  • Vacancy

    Foundation Governor

  • Vacancy

    Foundation Governor

CSA Governor
  • Mr Kevin Roberts

    CSA Governor (Vice Chairperson)

    I have lived and worked in Dorset for over 30 years. I am married to Rose, a teacher, and have 3 grown up children. As a recently retired primary school Headteacher it is a privilege to be a member of the Governing Body and be able to give something back to education and the lives of the children of Stickland’s Primary School. I sit on the Performance and Standards committee as well as the Full Governing Body. In my “retirement” I enjoy travelling, both in the UK and abroad, singing in a local choir and rejuvenating our garden, which could take some time!

Staff Governor
  • Miss Ruth Adler

    Staff Governor


    I live in Sherborne with my partner Christopher, we have 3 children; 2 girls and 1 boy.
    I have taught at Stickland's for over 10 years ; I teach year 1 and 2 and am also deputy head and SENCO here.
    Being a governor enables me to have a complete overview and understanding of the school, it's developments and achievements.
    I am very proud to work at Stickland's.

Associate Governors
  • Mrs Sadie Watson

    Associate Governor (Senior Teaching Assistant)

    I have been at Sticklands for 12 years now and have worked with every year group. I am a senior teaching assistant who now works in Woodpeckers where I think you see the most rewarding progress over the 2 years. I love working on interventions to help boost and enable pupils to access the curriculum better and enjoy teaching whole class PE across the school.
    I myself am a keen sports women and in particular hockey where I still regularly play at a high level. I have a 20 year old son who suffers from fragile X syndrome which keeps me on my toes but he is the happiest and laid back young man ever.
    I wanted to be governor so that I could help contribute towards discussions and possibilities on giving our children the best education possible at Sticklands!!