Inspirational Visitor

11th February 2019
Ultra Runner Jim Gump
On Monday an amazing and interesting man came to talk to the school about being physically active. Jim has aspergers but he doesn't let that stop him achieving some amazing personal accomplishments.
He has run an average of 10 miles a day since 1st Jan 2013 to the present day, with no day missed of a 10K minimum (6.21 mile). Completing 20,000 miles of continuous daily running for 2,000 days, and still going strong.
Completed a 10,000 mile ‘Forrest Gump run (6,000 miles in the US and 4,000 miles in the UK), averaging 16 miles a day for 616 days. 
Completed a triathlon every single day for the whole of 2015, comprising a 750m swim, 20K cycle and 10K run (for 365 consecutive days).
Covered 15,000 miles accompanied by his dogs through the countryside
Jim's running isn't without purpose. In fact, every mile he puts on the clock is an effort to raise awareness to all children and inspire them worldwide to live a healthier, more active life.
Jim gave an inspirational talk to Sticklands and shared some funny stories and great photos of him and his dogs. We then all went out for a run/walk around the large field near school. All the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed it (we hope!)