Welcome to Kingfisher Class
We are a mixed-age class of Year 3 and Year 4 children. Our teacher is Mrs Low and our teaching assistant is Mrs Straughan. 
We love to have fun while we are learning and we explore an exciting range of topics over a 2-year rolling programme. These include topics such as Arctic Adventure, Prehistoric Britain, Robots, Jurassic Coast, A Little Bit of Magic and Ancient Egypt.  We start each topic with a 'Wow' Day and have at least one school trip each term, where we get the chance to have lots of hands-on experience to bring the learning to life. This includes a three-day residential trip to PGL in Osmington Bay, Weymouth.
We are passionate about reading and books play a very important part of life in Kingfisher Class. We love to welcome authors to school and have our own weekly reading recommendations in class. 
Our Forest School area is fantastic and we are lucky enough to go there every week.  We learn teamwork, problem-solving and communication skills through lots of interesting activities that link to our topics. These include making a wattle & daub wall, creating magic nature potions, camouflaging our den from enemy aircraft and creating famous landmarks from natural resources.
We hope you enjoy learning more about our wonderful class in the information and photographs below.
Celts & Romans
We visited the New Barn Field Centre to spend the day experiencing life in Iron Age Britain at the time the Romans invaded. We learnt to march as Roman Soldiers, created our own butter & poultices for wounds, looked at Roman weapons and listened to stories in a Celtic Roundhouse. It was very dark & smoky!
'Clay Day'
We love getting our hands dirty and had a day where we learnt lots of different skills about molding and joining clay before creating our own monster pots.
The Storyteller & the Magic Tree
We had a great morning out, exploring the local countryside and visiting our favourite 'Magic Tree' with a storyteller, Martin Maudsley. We listened to the secrets of the tree and we created our own nature records of sounds and colours along the way, before returning to create poems in Forest School.
Summer PGL Residential Visit 
We have a great trip to PGL in Weymouth, where we try lots of new activities like raft-building, quad biking, climbing, the zip-wire and lots more. 
WW2 Forest School Trip
As part of WW2 topic, we joined forces with Woodpecker Class and travelled to Moreton Forest to become soldiers for the day. The children had to carry rifles (plastic hockey sticks) all day. We marched, built dens, threw grenades (pine cones), went on an assault course, searched for an injured soldier and used a stretcher to carry them back to base. The children had great fun and really got into character, learning lots about life and fitness as a soldier.
 Lifesaving in Kingfisher Class
Kingfishers had great fun learning the basic skills of rescuing and helping people in the water. The children used 4 different methods: dry, talk, tow and wade.
All of the children had a go at rescuing an unconscious casualty by working as a team.
Well done Kingfishers!
During this exciting topic, the children had to design and build their own 3D robots which could stand independently.  Look at how successful we were!