Welcome to Goldfinches!

We are the Reception class.

Our class teacher is Mrs Will and our teaching assistant is Mrs Symington

Play and Learning

Play underpins the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). (See for more info.) In Goldfinch class we have regular play (Let’s Explore) sessions which take place both indoor and outdoors. When playing, the children practise new ideas and skills, take risks, show imagination and solve problems on their own or with others.


We offer as many open ended resources as we can to allow the children to explore them and think up their own ideas about how they might use them in their play. These might include clothes, boxes, buckets, old blankets, crates, pipes, wooden blocks, bottle tops, tarpaulins, clips etc

Write Dance

Our music and movement sessions which help to develop the physical skills needed for handwriting all based around a short story. We use ribbons, scarves, crayons, foam, sand, water, baby lotion, chalks, hoops, felt tips and most of all our whole bodies.


 Daily 10 minutes storycises sessions which focus on the fundamental movement skills that children need e.g. crossing the midline and eye tracking.


Each day the children act out a lovely physical story which contains various different movements. The stories change at beginning of each term. Sometimes they may go on an adventure to the park or the zoo and even to fairy tale land…They are so much fun!


Daily phonics sessions using ideas from ‘Read Write Inc’ (see Read Write Inc Section)


Weekly RE sessions focus on ‘Understanding Christianity’


During the beginning of the autumn term, we focus on confidence in the water moving onto basic swimming skills/strokes through fun play based sessions during the summer term. We aim to go swimming in our pool as often as the weather allows.

Beat Baby Green is our friend who helps us to learn about rhythm and rhyme. We are very lucky as he

likes to come home with us to play. We teach him to read, we sing to him, teach him about numbers, brush

his teeth, wash his face, make him new rooms to play in and even take him out with us on adventure.

Forest School

Our most popular session during the week. We have a rich environment outdoors which creates a world full of wonder and inspiration for the children (and adults!) J

The children can freely explore the outdoors giving them the opportunity to develop their independence whilst judging and taking appropriate risks.

Forest School is the perfect environment to enable the children to…      

  •  Develop independence
  • Face challenges
  • Work together as a team
  • Problem solve
  • Be aware of dangers
  • Give each other safety advice
  • Use all of their senses
  • Develop their resilience
  • Build Confidence
  • Learn about Flora and Fauna
  • Investigate weather and the seasons
  • Improve listening skills
  • Develop physical skills

 …and much, much, more.

(see our Forest School section for more information)