Ravens' Class
This term the children in Ravens' class will be delving into one of the most exciting periods in History - The Vikings. We will learn just how vicious they were and the battles that they fought in.
To start off this amazing History unit; we were lucky to have the Viking re-enactment group, Hrafnslith join us for the day on Wednesday 5 September 2018. See below, what the children learned and just some of the excitement they had.
Ravens finally got out to do X-Country. It was a muddy run but everyone managed to run or speed walk round the field (adjacent to school) at least twice with some doing it 4 times!!
National Poetry Day/Rights Day
During the day, the children discussed what 'freedom' meant to them and saw, first hand, how lucky they are to have the freedom they have, when compared to many other places around the world. Through speech, drama and poetry itself; each of the children showed 'Freedom' in its finest form.
Able Writers' Day
On Wednesday 27th September 2017, a selection of children from Ravens' class took part in an Able Writer's Day at Oaklands Primary School in Yeovil. During the day, the children learned how to create poetry and write raps, inspired by Karl Nova.