Ravens' Class
Welcome to Ravens' class. We are a fantastic group of year 5 and year 6 children and are the oldest children in the school. Our class teacher is the wonderful Miss Stone and Mrs Oliver is our amazing teaching assistant.
Working in Ravens' class is educational, fun and always fast-paced. Our learning environment is most definately, the best place to be.
Take a look below, to see why.


On Tuesday 26 March, we were lucky to have Dr. Alex visit our school. He is a truly inspirational man who decided to create a school, Timothy School, in South Sudan to help educate many young children.

Working hard Dr. Alex has created an 8 classroom school, where more than 500 children are now able to get an education. He is still working hard, with many people, to now create Timothy Secondary School.

Flag of South Sudan.svg
Special Visitor
On Monday 11 February, we were lucky to have Jim Gump visit our school. Jim is an inspiration to everyone; showing exactly what perserverance can enable you to achieve. Jim’s running isn’t without purpose; alongside running nearly 14,000 miles (10,000 in the UK and 4,000 in the US), covering an average of 22 miles per day! He is raising awareness of obesity among children and inspiring kids worldwide, to live a healthier, more active life.
Fire Service Visit
On Thursday 6th December; our local fire service from Maiden Newton, came in and discussed fire safety with Ravens' Class. We were also lucky to see and learn about the equipment on the fire engine itself; while practising our hosing skills; mainly on Mrs Hart's car!
Able Writers' Day
On Wednesday 17th October, a selection of children from Ravens' class took part in an Able Writer's Day at  Powerstock School. During the day, the children learned all about different types of poetry, such as riddles; as well as legends based on places within Dorset; from the famous poet, Martin Maudsley.
On 25th September we did something slightly different in PE; we got really creative. Feeling the beat of the music, we used ribbons and pom poms to create our own routines; we all had lots of fun!
'Is this a dagger I see before me?'
Ravens' class have been studying Macbeth; through hot-seating activities they were able to grasp an understanding of the characters and the kind of people they were and what each was capable of.
This term the children in Ravens' class will be delving into one of the most exciting periods in History - The Vikings. We will learn just how vicious they were and the battles that they fought in.
To start off this amazing History unit; we were lucky to have the Viking re-enactment group, Hrafnslith join us for the day on Wednesday 5 September 2018. See below, what the children learned and just some of the excitement they had.
Ravens' Residential 2018
Ravens' Class embarked on a thrilling adventure week down at Harrow House in Swanage in June. We all had an amazing week, trying new and exciting activites; forging friendships and creating memories to last a lifetime.