Welcome to Ravens' class. We are a fantastic group of year 5 and year 6 children and are the oldest children in the school. Our class teacher is the wonderful Miss Stone and Mrs Oliver is our amazing teaching assistant.
Working in Ravens' class is educational, fun and always fast-paced. Our learning environment is most definitely, the best place to be.
Take a look below, to see why.
2022 - 2023
Key Information
PE days - Tuesdays & Fridays
Children to wear their PE kits to school on these days - blue or black jogging bottoms, leggings or shorts; a plain white t-shirt and your Stickland's school jumper or hoody.
Swimming will take place on Tuesdays, until the weather changes. On these days, children will still wear their PE kits to school, but bring their swimming kits with them.
Homework folders to be returned each Wednesday; parents to sign and date 3 times in the relevant box to show your child has read this week; in order to move one space along our reading caterpillar and to achieve the reading reward.
Life Education Van
We were lucky as we had a visit from Tricia who works for the Life Education Van. We learned all about 'Friends' and how to be positively assertive, so that we can make the right choices; we then put this into action be taking part in some scenarios that require these skills.
The Vikings
To start off our new topic on 'The Vikings', Ravens' class took part in a WOW Day with the Viking re-enacment group, Hransflith. The children took part in a range of hands on activities, where they learned about the Viking Gods; Viking weaponry; Viking clothes and we finished the day with a fun Viking saga.
2021 - 2022
Y6 Activity Day
Warmwell 2022
The Year 6's had an amazing day celebrating the completion of the KS2 SATs and finishing off the academic year and their last year at Stickland's in true style.
English Workshop
On Monday 16 May we were lucky to take part in an amazing English workshop. The children worked together to generate a story idea, which they then collaboratively wrote with the help of the team. This book was then created, with illustrations and each child got to take their own copy home. 
Bee Keeping with Suzie
Our Chair of Governors, Suzie keeps bees over at Summer Lodge and kindly offered for Ravens' class to become bee keepers.
Take a look at what the children have been learning both in class and out.
British Science Week 2022
To begin British Science Week, we were lucky to have Vidura from V-STEAM Education into Ravens' class to teach us all about coding to program a Microbit; creating different word, pictures and musical sequences.
World Book Day 2022
Ravens' class took part in a range of activities, including, quizzes, creating mythical creatures; creating poems and short stories based on these mythical creatures, as well a taking part in a 'Creating Manga' workshop. Take a look at all the costumes and excitement we had.
'Extreme Earth' WOW Day!
January 2022
To start off our new topic on 'Extreme Earth', we were lucky to have Kinetic Kate from Fun Science in to school, to enable the children to take part in a range of hands-on and exciting scientific workshops, which saw the children creating clouds, volcanoes, learning about earthquakes and so much more. Take a look at what the children did.
No Pens Day

No Pens Day Wednesday is a national day where we focus on speaking and understanding skills (it means no pens and no writing ALL DAY!)​

Thousands of schools are taking part across the UK! 

Have a look at all the fun activities Ravens' class took part in, during the course of the day.

Author Online
We were really lucky to be able to take part in an Author online session, where we got to meet the author Joseph Coelho; he taught us how to create some unusual poems and shared some of his amazing work. He was really passionate about writing and has inspired us all.
Freestyle Football
On Monday 4 October, the whole school took part in Freestyle Football workshops with 2 x World Record Holder, Jamie Knight. He taught the children a range of skills and explained his rise to fame. Have a look at some of our skills. 
Ancient Greek WOW Day 2021!
We kicked off our new school year and our new Topic unit on 'Ancient Greece', with a fantastic WOW Day. As the children donned their costumes, Martin from Portals to the Past took us an exciting adventure, where we delved into the Ancient Greek era, learning the history of the Olympic games; famous Gods and Goddesses; Ancient Greek games and some of the well-known Greek Myths.
We all had a fun and educational day; take a look at just some of the activities the children took part in.
Game Of Actual Life
July 2021
Premier Sports came into teach Ravens' class all about life as an adult. The children spent time thinking about their adult lives; what job they might have; what house they might own and what family they would have. The day was insightful and has prepared the children for their futures.
Black History Month
In Ravens' class, we have looked at the importance of Black History Month, focussing on what happened in the past and how things have changed through the decades. We have studied significant black figures from the past and from today and created portraits of just some of these amazing people.
Jason & the Argonauts
On Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 November, we were lucky to have Jason come and visit our school. Jason is an artist, who has work displayed in the Tate Gallery and  who is in the process of creating a range of new art work, which children are involved in. Using iPads, the children created characters to be included within a new VR game. The children had an amazing time and developed both their art and ICT skills.
During the week beginning 4th November, we were lucky to have a lady from the Sealife Centre, Harri, work with us, to educate us all about sharks and the conservation of these amazing creatures. The children took part in a range of activities and learned a great deal; they will ensure they pass these messages on and educate others, to help protect this species.
On Thursday 10 October, our class went to The Weymouth and Portland Sailing Academy to try our hands at windsurfing. The children worked independently to stand and guide their board out into the sea. The weather was incredibly windy, but the children did an amazing job to learn this new and amazing sport.
Ravens' Residential 
Ravens' Class embarked on a thrilling adventure week down at Harrow House in Swanage in June. We all had an amazing week, trying new and exciting activities; forging friendships and creating memories to last a lifetime.