Welcome to Ravens' class. We are a fantastic group of year 5 and year 6 children and are the oldest children in the school. Our class teacher is the wonderful Miss Stone and Mrs Oliver is our amazing teaching assistant.
Working in Ravens' class is educational, fun and always fast-paced. Our learning environment is most definately, the best place to be.
Take a look below, to see why.
While we are all at home for the time being, we would like to share some of the exciting things we have been doing. Keep checking as we add more, as some of these ideas may just inspire you too!
And don't forget to take part in the set challenges I will be putting on the website. 
Challenge 2: 
I have a fun challenge for you to complete this week, which will get you outside and it is one all of the family can take part in. In fact, it will be great to have a family competition for this challenge.
You will need: a toilet roll! Yes,that is right. I would like you to do as many Keepy Uppies as you can with this toilet roll. The toilet roll MUST NOT touch your hands, but any other part of the body is fine.
How many Keepy Uppies can you do with a toilet roll?
Georgia leads the way, this is a tough one to beat!
Lily records a bird nesting.
  • P.E.
    On Monday 24 February, Premier Sports came in to work with Ravens' class to allow them to experience the Game Of Actual Life (GOAL). The children learned all about money and bank accounts; careers and wages and property and lifestyle, all in preparation for their future. 
Competition Time!
On Wednesday 12 February, Ravens' class created their own unique style beds to take part in the Happy Beds 'Design your own bed' competition. Take a look at:https://www.happybeds.co.uk/kids-dream-bedrooms
The winner will have their own bed design made and built in their home.
Good luck everyone!!!
Extreme Earth
In our Topic work this term, we will be learning all about natural disasters: what they are; how they are created; the destruction they can cause and where they occur in the world. To start our unit off we had a visit from 'Kinetic Kate' from Fun Science on Wednesday 7 January. During the morning the children got to make tornadoes, volcanoes and create clouds. Take a look at our learning below. 
Jason & the Argonauts
On Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 November, we were lucky to have Jason come and visit our school. Jason is an artist, who has work displayed in the Tate Gallery and  who is in the process of creating a range of new art work, which children are involved in. Using iPads, the children created characters to be included within a new VR game. The children had an amazing time and developed both their art and ICT skills.
During the week beginning 4th November, we were lucky to have a lady from the Sealife Centre, Harri, work with us, to educate us all about sharks and the conservation of these amazing creatures. The children took part in a range of activities and learned a great deal; they will ensure they pass these messages on and educate others, to help protect this species.
On Thursday 10 October, our class went to The Weymouth and Portland Sailing Academy to try our hands at windsurfing. The children worked independently to stand and guide their board out into the sea. The weather was incredibly windy, but the children did an amazing job to learn this new and amazing sport.
  • Fire Service Visit
    On Tuesday 25th September; our local fire service from Maiden Newton, came in and discussed fire safety with Ravens' Class. We were also lucky to see and learn about the equipment on the fire engine itself; while practising our hosing skills; mainly on the teachers' cars!
In the Autumn term, the children in Ravens' class will be delving into one of the most exciting periods in History - Ancient Greece. We will learn about the numerous Gods and Goddesses and the powers they possessed, as well as many of the most exciting myths and legends
To start off this amazing History unit; we were lucky to have the 'Portals to the Past' company join us for the day on Wednesday 4 September 2019.
Ravens' Residential 2018
Ravens' Class embarked on a thrilling adventure week down at Harrow House in Swanage in June. We all had an amazing week, trying new and exciting activities; forging friendships and creating memories to last a lifetime.