Supporting activities

Ideas for things to do at home with your family

 Baking (cakes, cookies, muffins, pancakes etc)
 Make musical instruments using household items
 Junk modelling with recycling
 Write a song/poem/play/story
 Make Christmas decorations
 Send a letter
 Create a cartoon strip
 Paint your nails
 Painting, gluing, drawing, colouring


 Make up a dance routine
 Play games (Simon says, stuck in the mud)
 Act out TV shows/films
 YouTube yoga (search kids yoga)
 Create an obstacle course
 Create an exercise routine for your family to follow


Helping at Home
 Feeding pets
 Cleaning pets equipment
 Age appropriate meal prep teaching basic cooking skills
 Hanging washing up
 Drying dishes


 Write a journal
 Mindful colouring
 Have quality family time
 Remain connected with loved ones – regular calls & video calls
 Write letters
 Give children opportunity to talk about the current situation & listen
 Limit exposure to the news
 Practice precautionary personal hygiene


 Learn all the lyrics to a song
 Play with pets, teach tricks
 Listen to music
 Read a book
 Boardgames
 Card games
 Pillow fight
 Make a den
 Learn a magic trick
 Tidy your bedroom
 Sort out toys; recycle, charity, keep
 Add a (tiny!) drop of food colouring & extra bubbles for a fun bath!