Woodpecker Class

Welcome to Woodpecker Class! Our class is a mix of Year 1 and Year 2 children. Our class teachers are Miss Adler and Mrs Hart and we have Mrs Watson as our teaching assistant. We are lucky to have so many exciting adults in our class each week. Woodpeckers' is an amazing class; we are important, mathematicians, historians, sportsmen/women, musicians, designers, writers, artists, loved, the future and The Reason We are Here!.

Woodpeckers China Homework
The children have produced some fantastic homework this term from panda cakes, flags, powerpoints, leaflets and dragon paper puppets.
Check it all out below!!
Willow patterned plate designs
We read the story of the willow patterned plate and looked carefully at the images within the pattern. We drew our own versions and were very pleased with the results!
Science Week
This week woodpeckers have had a brilliant week studying Forces. 
We started the week with an amazing visit from the explorerdome!
Over the week we learned all about pushes, pulls and twists. We carried out lots of investigations into gravity; trying to make water flow up hill,  trying to make marble runs speed up and slow down and investigating parachutes (gravity and air resistance).
We learned all about another natural force - the wind. We blew bubbles in the playground to see if the wind effected how and where they floated.  We also made  and tested our own wind socks.
We also carried out an investigation into friction using cars and ramps covered in different materials. Finally we designed,built and tested our own cars.
What a 'sciencetastic' week!
Work of the Week
Freya and Jake for their fantastic leaflets all about China.


Star of the Week
Ethan for being very focused in class and for caring for his peers.
On Thursday Woodpeckers had their reward morning. They chose an outdoor party playing football, hockey, using the trikes, hoops and drawing with chalk.
The children worked hard gaining 10 Woodpeckers for their tree by showing great behaviour, producing lovely work, working independently, working hard and being great friends.
Hooke Court Trip
Woodpeckers travelled to Hooke Court to take part in a WW1 re-enactment. When we arrived we were met by a soldier and he marched us to the camp. The children got to be soldiers for the morning and had to march everywhere. They also got to hold a rifle, pistol, bayonet and a grenade (not all real so don’t worry!!). Next Woodpeckers went down in the trenches where they got to see how soldiers lived while on the front lines. They then had to climb up the ladders to cross no mans land while avoiding smoke bombs, bullets, barbed wire and giant holes. It was a brilliant morning which the children thoroughly enjoyed. 
Forest School
Session 4:
This week Woodpeckers had to recreate the Lord Kitchener poster out of items in Forest School.
Session 3:
Woodpeckers had to create their own trenches using mud, bark, sticks and imagination for barbed wire.
Session 2:
All the children had to make a clay soldier and use things in forest school to camouflage it and then hide it.
Session 1:
Woodpeckers had to create their own Stickman/woman.
Woodpeckers 2017-18